Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

My bestie got hitched!

Don't let the cropped iPhone photos distract you from how seriously gorgeous this wedding was. Colleen made the most beautiful bride, and her bridesmaids dresses? Let's just say I was not at all disappointed. 

I couldn't be more thrilled for Colleen & Justin. I've mentioned before that I've known Colleen since second grade, that means this fall it'll be 18 years of friendship. We've quite literally watched each other grow up, and by the grace of God, we've gotten to watch each other fall in love with Jesus. I also had the privilege of watching her fall in love with her handsome hubby, Justin. 

Colleen is one of the kindest, most generous people I know. I'm so happy that she's found a man who reciprocates both of those things, and who loves her to the moon and back. It was an amazing day celebrating the union of these two!

My mom and dad were there too, which made the evening extra special for me. Aint no party like a Reed fam party! 

It was their 30th wedding anniversary yesterday, definitely thankful to have those two as my parents! The older I get, the more appreciative I am for all the sacrifices they've made for me along the way. 

The weekend was a truly blessed one for so many reasons. :)

We're so happy for you, Colleen! We love you!


Pamela said...

Aww how pretty!! you look gorgeous, girl!

Colleen720 said...

I am so blessed to have the bestest friend who has not only stood beside me in my wedding, but at every moment in life! Thank you for always being there for me! Our wedding could not have been more memorable! Love you so much! Ps...send me all those pics if you can!! 😙