Monday, June 23, 2014


How often do you come to the close of a year, and think 

"dang, that was by far
of my life. 
so far." 

{all the dramatic pauses included}

Never, right? At least I usually don't. But this one? This year that not only marks the last year before 25, but my first year of sobriety? This year that marks the year I went out of the country for the first time, to Africa. This year that marks moving into a house that I love with three friends that I love (hi, roomies!). This year that marks being in a wedding for the first time, which, incase you missed the IG post, led to this:

Honestly, it would have been the best year of my life solely for the sobriety factor. But God did what He loves to do, and went above and beyond. He brought me to Africa. He found me a living situation that is exactly what I dreamed of. And with a month left in the year, He plopped this amazing man into my life. 

The plan is to take a little time every day this week to blog about 24, the year that I can confidently say has been my best so far. So, fingers crossed that happens. 

But, since I've got 6 more days to go out with a bang, and since I took today off work (hooray!) and am still up in NorCal, I've got me a hot date with my man. I'll see you peeps manana, mmkay? Same time, same place?

{Also, not gonna lie, it feels really weird to say my man. But it's the really, really good kinda weird.}


Miss ALK said...

Wow!!! What a year! So happy God has been so faithful to you. :-) (I hope when I am 24 in a few years it is just as amazing for me haha!)

xoxo A

Chelle said...

[hi roomie!]
I am sooo into this post. The past year has been AMAZING and I am so blessed to be able to walk beside you and witness it all! Here's to an even more crazy/ beautiful year!


Pamela said...

WHOOP WHOOP! He's a cutie ;)

Shannon Q. said...

So stoked for ALLLL the good things in your life this year!

Kaitlyn Carlton said...

LOVE this! and I totally agree 24 has been one of the best.

I still get giggling when I say my man too. haha

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Yay yay yay!!

Kerrie Williams said...

love love love love LOVE!