Monday, July 22, 2013

Your Questions Answered - Health, Fitness & Fashion!

Goood morning, lovely people!! Happy Monday to you!

I'm so looking forward to answering your questions this week, thanks for the blogging material! :) I'm going to try and segregate these into different topics, and today, we're diving into health, fitness & fashion questions.

Starting with fashion: 

Shannon asked: Where do you buy your clothes? Does it take you a long time to pull an outfit together and honestly do you spend a lot on your clothing budget?

I like to shop at a lot of different places. My two recent favs are Cotton On and Old Navy. Both of which are extremely dangerous for me to walk into, because if I could, I would walk out with the entire store. 

Don't mind the dirty mirror, I swear I'll get around to cleaning it tomorrow eventually. 

Does it take me a long time to put an outfit together? Honestly, not too long. I would say it usually takes me less than 5 minutes to pick out on outfit, and then about 10 more to put it on and make myself presentable for the day. Let's just say that I really like my bed, so in order to maximize my time in it, I've minimized my time that it takes to get dressed :)

And do I honestly spend a lot on my clothing budget? Well, I guess this depends on what you consider a lot. Since I've been getting more into fashion lately, I would definitely say that I'm more lenient with my clothing/accessories spending. I'm a big advocate of pursuing your passions, and fashion has definitely become one of mine as of late!

That being said, I don't generally spend a lot on any one piece. I have a hard time rationalizing anything over $25, and that includes jeans/dresses/shoes/everything. I'm not saying it never happens (ahem Victoria's Secret bras), but I would say most of what I buy is under that price limit. Hence why my two favorite places are Old Navy and Cotton On where almost everything in the entire store is under $25. 


Anonymous asked: Are you still running? 

Yes! I unintentionally took a few weeks off due to a busy schedule, but I signed up for another half marathon in October, so time to get cracking! I kicked things off with a 5K this past week:

My race schedule for the rest of the year is:

September 7th: Bubble Run 5K

September 22nd: She is Beautiful 10K


Anonymous asked: Are you still struggling with your eating disorder?

{For some background on this, feel free to check out this post}

The short answer to this is no, I am not! I'm very happy to report that I can't even recall the last time I struggled with the binging and purging of bulimia. 

This was much more of an issue sporadically through out high school and college. It definitely had a few brief appearances post-college, but I am happy to say that Christ has done quite a bit of healing in this area. I now see the worth in my body, and can't quite justify hurting it in this way anymore. 

The majority of this struggle was surrounded around stress and control, not so much on trying to attain a certain weight or body type. Understanding that was a huge part in my healing process. I now have found healthy ways to handle my stress, mainly bringing it all to my ultimate Comforter, God. 


Anonymous said: You look a little thinner. I'm concerned. Please take good care of yourself. Your inside beauty is beautiful, just like you. ;-)

First of all, thank you for the sweet comment about inner beauty :) Second of all, thank you for your concern! I fully understand that this comes from a place of love, and I appreciate that!

I hope my answer above reassured you that I am no longer struggling with my eating disorder, or any disordered eating at that. Honestly, these days I try my best to eat healthy, but I absolutely do enjoy the more-than-occasional indulges as well. 

I actually do not pay too much attention to my weight. I step on a scale maybe once every few weeks, and that number doesn't change too often. I'm fairly certain my body has found the weight that it likes, and I'm perfectly okay with that number. 

I am much more concerned with working on a balanced, healthy diet, and maintaining a regular fitness routine. If working on both of those things makes that number on the scale go down, fantastic! But if not, no big deal!

If I am looking thinner, I can absolutely assure you that it is a result of healthy life changes. But I can also assure you that there has been little to no change on the scale lately ;)


Tune in for more Q&A coming in the next few posts. Thank you guys for your wonderful questions! Hope you don't mind that I'm breaking them up into multiple posts. 

Have yourself a fabulous Monday!


Julie said...

I always love gettin' to know ya a little better with these posts, girl! And I'm pretty sure we should go shopping at Old Navy together. That place is my JAM! Seriously though, I love shopping there :)

PS- I definitely took a little unintentional time off from running too. Oops ;)

Pamela said...

Love this! I'm like you, I won't spend over $25 for something!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for understanding that my question was out of love and concern for you. Those are such amazing news. Good for you, I'm proud of you! :-)

Jordan said...

I am completely with you on not spending more than $25! (Except for bras, amen to that!) Have a great week!

Hilda said...

Aw, can't wait to read your answers to my questions. ;) And happy to learn that you are doing good. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

This was a really fun post! Thanks for answering my question :) You have a great fashion, I always love what you pull together! You'll have to show me some tips when we're out on the town together...Ive come to realize I am fashionally challenged :( but I blame that a lot on my bank account LOL!

Heather said...

I love that you are going to run another half marathon! My running has been slacking as of late and I need to get back at it!

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