Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 5th of July!

Hope you had a blast yesterday celebrating our amazing country. 

We sure did!

And for your Friday, I give you a behind the scenes look at capturing the jumping look. 

First, I downloaded a self timer ap. Couldn't find one that allowed for multiple pictures, so you bet I was running back and forth to my phone between each and every shot. 

Commitment, folks. Commitment. 

Next, the most important part of a jumping shot. Figuring out when to dip down. Around this point in the process, you will probably end up with a picture like this:

And once you finally get the timing right, you will probably need to practice posing in the air a few times. Expect a few of these:

More then likely, you'll end up with a few where one of you never heard the beeping on the phone, and therefore, it looks like the one who did is leaping into (or attacking) the other:

But give it time, and eventually, you'll end up with one that's golden. 

Apparently, I like jumping on the 4th of July.

Happy 5th of July! From us, to you. 


katie_shannon said...

haha these are so cute!!

Pamela said...

haha love!!!

Julie said...

Haha, this post made me smile! I know all too well all the work that goes into getting the right picture. Especially when there's jumping involved! You two are so cute! Hope you had a wonderful 4th girlie :)

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness. LOVE your outfit! So cute!

Kailagh said...

This outfit is adorable. You both look so great :) Hope you had a wonderful Forth of July.

xo. Kailagh

Ice Pandora said...

Really cute fun shots girls c:
I hope you had a great 4th of July!

Hilda said...

looks like is attacking the other? too funny LOL!!! I love this post! :D

Meg said...

Awwww this is great! Is this a self timer app for your phone?? If so, what is it called? I looove taking self timer shots on my camera!

Susannah said...

Your 4th of July outfit is adorable! I love the jumping tutorial. ;-)

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Love your outfit! You are a great jumper!!!

Erin @ Sweetness Itself said...

So fun!! Glad you had fun, friend! xoxo


courtney {splendid actually} said...

so cute! great, festive outfits ladies!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Haha! These are so cute!