Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekend Rundown

Still have some more fun questions to answer, but today I'm taking the easy way out and doing a post with a photo dump and few words. I'm writing this at 8:40PM and I'm literally ready for bed liiike right now. 

Just call me Grandma Amy from now on. 

Without further adieu, I give you my weekend with the fam:

Saw Turbo. Super cute! I recommend it (even if I did fall asleep at some points)

Enjoyed Stearns Warf, a Santa Barbara classic, and a must-see if you ever visit!

Another must-see would of course be me. You know I would love to see your gorgeous faces if you're ever in town! 

Went to the Ty Warner Sea Center, which I had never been to before! The little kid in me had a blast. 

It must have been Milissa's lucky day, because she also found a sea hare on the beach!

**Sea hare is a fancy name for sea slug.**

We ended our day by getting dolled up to walk around downtown:

It was a great weekend, and so nice to have my family here!

Hope you guys had fabulous weekends, as well! Almost to the next one!


Pamela said...

You are such a great role model for her!

The Pink Growl said...

You girls are too cute! I saw your pic of a Sea Hare on Instagram and I was like what the heck is that?!?!

Hilda said...

i love to read your adventures with your little sister. nd I love that outfit youhave.

LOL! You fell asleep? Reminds me whenmy mom fell asleep during an action scene of themovie "Dante's Peak." LOL!!

Leah said...

how fun! so good you got to spend time with your family, and your little sister is beautiful!

Kerrie Williams said...

What in the world is a SEA HARE???

courtney {splendid actually} said...

Love your coral top and shorts. Looks like you had a blast! I've never heard of a sea hare, and would DEFINITELY be terrified of picking one up, but your sis is rocking it.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I love that you two got all glammed up and headed out after your fun day. You are such a good big sister!

Anonymous said...

You and your little sister are so adorable. I wish I had a little sister!

Kelsey Bang said...

love those neat jelly fish! I have been wanting to see turbo! glad you liked it!

Chelsea said...

You and your sister are so cute!! The aquarium looks like so much fun :)

The Cavallaro's said...

Obsessed with your red/orange top! Actually... I'm always obsessed with everything you wear! You and your sis are so stinkin' cute together! Looks like you had a blast!