Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Bucket List - Progress Check

I skipped this back in July, but a lot has happened in August. So let's recap how this 2013 Bucket List is going, shall we?

1. Run at least 3 races (any distance 5K and over)


-10K Coronado Valentine's Day Race: Feb 17th / DONE! 54 min, 8:30 mile pace

-5K Los Angeles Run or Dye: March 9th / DONE!

-15K San Diego Hot Chocolate Race: March 24th / DONE! 1hr 26min, 9:14 pace

-Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon: May 11th / DONE! 2hr 3min, 9:18 pace

-5K Nite Moves: May 15th / DONE!

-5K Nite Moves: July 10th / DONE!

-5K Bubble Run: September 7th / registered!

-10K She.Is.Beautiful Run: September 22nd / registered!

-City to Sea Half Marathon: October 13th / registered!

If you want to hear more on running, check out this post.

2. Read 30 books

So far, I've completed 6 books.


So may need to adjust that goal to 15, but hey, I'm enjoying reading and that's what counts, right?

Keep up with my recent reads here.

3. Get a passport

Cue major happy dance with the completion of this one!

4. Travel outside of the country (preferably missions related)

You probably already know this, but I'm so happy to report that I am planning to go serve in Uganda in January of 2014!! So that's basically this year, right?

If you want to find out more about that, you can check out these posts, or my fundraising page!

5. Cross off at least 2 states

This is for my 50 State Challenge.

I'll be crossing this one off next month when I go to The Influence ConferenceIllinois & Indiana, here I come!

6. Meet a blogger friend IRL

Crossed this one off when I met the wonderful Julie from An Anchor for the Soul

Recap can be found here.

7. One spontaneous trip

Tahoe: Back in January

8. One random act of kindness per month

These have definitely been happening, but not quite how I imagined it. In the beginning of the year, these seemed to be big, drastic things. It really felt like the Lord was leading me to bless specific people in specific moments. 

In the past few months, they have seemed less drastic, and more natural. Blessing a friend by treating them on our lunch or coffee date, grabbing an item from the grocery store for the homeless man sitting outside, these have become regular occurrences. And at first, the end of the month would come and I would think shoot! I haven't done any big random act of kindness!

But I think this has taught me the beauty of incorporating random acts of kindness into my lifestyle. And that, is something that I truly hope to continue in all of my future years to come. 

9. End the year with 0 balance on credit card

Revision: Maintain 0 balance on credit card

This is definitely happening! I am keeping my credit card balance to a manageable level, always paying it off as quickly as possible. It feels mighty good :)

10. Double my savings

Revision: Rebuild my savings

If you're confused about the change in these last two bucket list items, check out this post. 

Last month, I had my savings account at 70% of what it used to be. Goal: get that number to 100% by the end of the year. At the end of August, I have 83% of my account back! 

There have been so many random expenses popping up these days, between car trouble, needing new contacts, all that fun stuff. So I know there is a chance I may need to dip into my savings in the near future, but Lord willing, I know I can get it back to where it was in January by the end of the year!

11. Cut and donate my hair

Crossed off in January.

12. Take Milissa on a sister weekend getaway

This was a mighty fun one to cross off :)

13. Get a blog makeover!

Amy, from the Charming blog, designed this beauty, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about her! If you're ever considering doing a blog makeover, I'd highly recommend this girl!

So there you have it!

I now have 7 out of 13 items crossed off! Not too shabby :) This has been so fun, and I can't wait to make this a yearly tradition. Thanks for following along with me!

{Bucket List progress tracked here}

In other news, Happy Tuesday!


Evelien said...

I was waiting for this one! I like following your progress, especially since this is the first year I'm not really having a "bucket list".

Caitlin said...

You are killing this list! I'm in the same boat about reading as you.. I have been reading, just not as much as I set my goal for! It's so hard to find time!

Hilda said...

That is amazing! wish I had your focus and motivation. Great job, girl! Keep going, you are doing excellent! :)

Jordan said...

You have made some amazing progress this year! Keep it up girl!

Heather Leigh @ Adifferent kind of woman said...

How awesome!!! :)

Daisy said...

Wow, you ran half marathons! Well done you! I still haven't mastered the art of running.