Monday, August 19, 2013

Deal of the Weekend

This weekend's deal comes from one of my favorite stores these days, Cotton On.

I found a skirt that I loved, that was only $15. Score, right? I take it up the register, where an employee kindly informs me that the skirts are 2 for $20 right now. And usually, I don't go for the whole buy ___ for ____ deals, but to get a gorgeous skirt for $5 more? Heck yes, I'm interested!

The super poor, colorless quality of these pictures do not do the skirts justice. The length? Modest, but not too long. The fit? Flowy and flattering. The colors? The floral print is so fun, and the navy is perfect for just about anything. 

And the best news? You can get this deal online, too!


Seeing as I am a passionate Cotton On shopper, I knew that they had a program raising money for Africa. I had bought the $1 bracelet that gives back towards the country, and had heard that the money goes towards getting clean water and providing other means of helping the communities there. 

I had no idea that this money was going towards Southern Uganda, and I probably never would have noticed had this place not just claimed a huge piece of my heart.

I love organizations that give back. And if I'm going to be spending money on clothes, I'm glad that it's going towards a company that has a heart for serving others!


Caravan Sonnet said...

WELL hello cute skirt girl!! :)

:) OH MY WORD. Are you going to Hope Spoken? I just registered yesterday!! WAHOO!!
:) Happy Monday sweet lady!
:) Rebecca

Amanda said...

How exciting about the skirts!! I had never heard of the place until my friend from Pasadena told me about it. California just has all the fun! Ha :)

Amy Disbrow said...

What an awesome deal!!! I don't normally do those kind of deals either, but that was a good one! Gorgeous, classy skirts too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh la la, you fancy ;)


Ashlee Chu said...

This is just THE cutest thing ever. I always rush into Cotton On to see what deals they have on basics and you totally scored.

Makes your legs look super long!

Regine Karpel said...

Love getting a good deal!

Miss.AishaLC said...

Love the skirts! Definitely for a good deal! I am now following your blog. Feel free to follow back! :)