Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Sick :(

I rarely get sick. Rarely, people.

Confession: Except on the rare occasion where I drink too much wine.

But it's happened. The cold has gotten to me, and it's been here since Saturday. Bleh.

Walked into work on Monday morning only to use the very last kleenex at my desk. Talk about perfect timing, right?

Being the "rarely get sick" type of person, I don't have nearly enough "what to do when you're sick" knowledge. So where did I go? My dear friend Google. Here's what I've got so far:

More Kleenex. Although I'll admit, didn't really need Google to tell me that one. It only took 2 days of paper towel using for me to realize I could probably use a break from the sand paper feeling. Kleenex for the win!

Been drinking tea. Lots of it. The herbal kind to be exact.

Been steering clear of dairy. Apparently it's not good when you have a cold? You're welcome, cows.

Warm soup has been theee best. Definitely considering ditching my lunch for some of this delicious magic healing substance. Except I have leftovers of this for lunch, and it's pretty bomb I must say. So we'll see about that.

And now I come to you guys. Second to Google, you're probably my go-to for advice these days.

What are your remedies for a cold? Got any tricks up your sleeve? I'd love to try em'!

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Happy Humpday, loves!


HK said...

There's definitely something going around that really lingers. Remember when we went to Borderline? I had come down with a cold two weeks prior to that, and by the time we went out, the symptoms were STILL lingering, and continued for another couple weeks after that!

I find that fresh-squeezed orange juice (pulp and all) goes a long way toward helping me feel better. Plus the extra vitamin C can't hurt ;-)

I also swear by flu shots. I never got them before, as I rarely got sick either... until my son started school! Now I get them every year, religiously, and they help a LOT :-)

Jordan said...

Emergen-c! It's a powder that dissolves in a glass of water and has 1000 mg of Vitamin C! And it's delicious. Highly recommend, it helps with your energy levels and fighting whatever is making you sick. Hope you get better soon!

Emily said...

My old roommate had this thing she SWORE by - she'd fill a big mug or bowl up with HOT water (think just less than boiling), stick her head over with with a thick towel on top, and just breathe until the steam went away. Apparently it's good for clearing out your sinusus?

Hope you feel better!!

Caitlin said...

Oh nooo! :( I hope you feel better ASAP! <3

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I don't have any magic tricks, but I hope you feel better soon!

Elissa said...

Awh feel better! steering clear of dairy is always the hardest for me when I'm sick. It's like all I want is a milkshake and pudding!

hmm tips. I haven't done this before but I saw this pin for a detox bath

But I'd say keep doing what you're doing. Drink Lots of Orange Juice and eat citrus.

Cassandra said...

I feel like I rarely get sick too. When I do I CRAVE soup and can't stand the thought of dairy. Looks like you should be feeling better in no time with they way you are taking care of yourself!

Charlotte said...

Vicks Vapor Rub makes these dissolvable tablets that you put on the floor of the shower and the steam helps release the vapor and it really clears up your head/nose if you're stuffed up! I buy them anytime I'm sick!

Hope you feel better! :)

E said...

Hot water, freshly-squeezed lemon, a little honey. Works to ward off a cold too, if you feel a little scratchy. Honey is the best soother. Lemon is supposed to be a natural antibiotic?

Who knows. Feel better.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh girl, I'm so sorry you're sick. :( Like you, I'm seldom sick so I don't have a lot of advice for you. I hope you feel better soon!