Friday, November 30, 2012

Amen for Friday

Well hello there! Can I get an Amen for it being Friday?


I'm currently sitting waiting for my oil to be changed, and can I just say that I love spending $50+ on an oil change! #saidnooneever

After this I'm heading up to Nor Cal to celebrate a wee little one's 1st birthday! Crazy that friends of mine already have babes of their own, but hey, makes for some rockin bday parties. Am I right?

Anywho, just stopping in to say have yourself a wonderful Friday! And a great weekend too!


Sammantha B. said...

Have a great weekend, Amy! Feel better! Maybe you should have flashed the mechanics to get a better deal on that oil change? Just a thought!


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh girl, I hear ya. It's weird to be at the age when your friends are having babies! When I first graduated college it felt like all I did was go to weddings, wedding showers, and bachelorette parties... now it's all baby showers, visiting newborns in the hospital, and kiddos birthday parties ha! I love it, though. It's fun how life changes as we grow up. :)

Kate Sparkles said...

My friends are at the baby stage right now and it makes me feel weirdly old.. Especially when my brother called me in a panic as a co-worker bought in a new baby and he'd had to hold it to look polite.. The first time he has ever held a baby! Compared to me who's cuddle 15 new babes this year.. Atelier friends fertile or what?!?
Boo about the oil change, I hate that car ownership has all those sneaky hidden costs!

Melissa Jo said...

A couple weekends ago I went to my girlfriend's little girls 2nd birthday party and i was just in SHOCK, I feel so... single... and so old single. lol. Hope it went well!