Friday, June 14, 2013

Stitch Fix (round 2!)

I ordered my first fix back in April, and loved it so much that the very next day I went and scheduled my next fix for May. Aaand then I did the Overcome the Lie 40 Day Challenge and felt led to give up spending money on clothes, so I pushed my next fix out to June. 

And here it is! My long awaited second fix!

(To read more about what Stitch Fix is, read my first fix post. And to sign up for your own fixes, go here!)

I seriously loved all 5 items again! Especially after looking at the pictures, I almost started doubting my decision of what I'm keeping!

But instead of talking about it, I suppose I can just show you the pictures :)

1. Ivy Bird Print Tab Sleeve Blouse // Collective Concepts

2. Milo Pleated Detail Skirt // Collective Concepts

I didn't initially pair these two items together, but I'm so glad I decided to try it! I mean, how perfectly do they go together? 

The top reminded me of the Mission 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Blouse (from 41Hawthorn) that I got last time. I love the fit of these tops! I think the V miiight be a bit deep for me. It photographs well, but I can see it slipping down and needing a shirt to go underneath. The sleeves on this top could get a bit difficult too. But overall, I love the print and love the fit!

I was sooo excited to see the skirt! Love the color, it is a gorgeous royal blue and the photos don't do it justice! The only thing is that it doesn't fit right on my hips, it has to go above. I definitely still like it there, and the length is fine! But I do think it accentuates your hips when a skirt sits above them. 

What do you think? 

Onto the next item!

3. Elton Printed Hi-Lo Neck Tip Top // MM Coulture

I really loved how unique this top is! The bow that hangs over the buttons? Soo cute! Super flattering fit, too! I usually dig the hi-lo style, but the back of this top was quite a bit longer than the front. Not sure if I like it quite that drastic. 

But definitely could see myself wearing this shirt to work and out with friends!

4. Lissey Back Bow Detail Striped Top // Chris & Carol

Seriously loved this top!! I'm bummed the picture of the back turned out a bit blurry, because the bow is so cute! Definitely turns a casual tee into something a bit more exciting and fun. 

I love the color, definitely all about coral these days. And I see this as something I can wear anywhere. You can dress is up, dress it down, wear it lounging around or even to the office. 

Big fan!

And lastly, my jewelry piece!

5. Elephant Detail Bangle

I thought this bracelet was really cute! Loved the color, and the elephants definitely added a fun touch. 

But seeing as I kept the jewelry piece last time, and this was the same price as one of the shirts, you can probably guess that I decided to stick with a clothing piece this time. 

So what did I keep??

I loved them all, it was such a hard choice. 

But I definitely let my budget do the picking, and went with...



The Back Bow Striped Top! I love it :)

Super excited to schedule my next fix! If you haven't gotten one, you should totally schedule your's here!

Happy Friday!


Ashley Beaudin said...

Was looking forward to this! So cute, Amy!

Cara Howard said...

OH GOOD! I LOVE the bow back top on you! GREAT choice!!!

Pamela said...

Love it all!!!

Kerrie Williams said...

the color of the bow top is so great on you Amy! I also loved the bird top. I saw it in a low of people's recent boxes on instagram (searching #stitchfix) and think its so cute.

katie_shannon said...

Love that top you are deciding to keep! Looks great on you and such a fun color

Erin LFF said...

That bow top is ADORABLE! And the first outfit is cute too!!! :)

Hilda said...

The first picture:

Shirt: Too low in the front. Not good.
Skirt: GORGEOUS! It looks sooo good on you! The style and color is a beauty! That skirt totally grabbed my attention.

second picture:

Shirt: Cute and unique shape, but I don't like the pattern.
pants: So summer! (good)

Third picture:

Shirt: The best one!! And such a cute pretty bow on the back! At first I thought it was too low in the front but I guess you adjusted the shirt because now it seems fine on the last picture. excellent!

Pants: Same as above opinion.


Not my taste but if it costs the same as a shirt, then definitely worth getting a shirt instead.

Wow, you are a wise woman with great taste! But remember, these were just MY opinions. What matters is that YOU like them. That's what counts and that you're comfy in them. :D Enjoy!

Hilda said...

Yup, you look so good on the blue skirt and the bow shirt. S beautiful! oh my gosh, they would look great with your fave necklace to turn it up or your round earrings! PRETTY!

Heather Leigh said...

Soo seriously you are so adorable!!!! Oh and if you by any chance go in your closet to find all your clothes missing.... I borrowed them!! hehe :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

That first outfit looks SO cute on you! But I can definitely see why you kept the striped bow-back top. It's super cute. :)