Saturday, June 8, 2013

Juneathon Update!

Juneathon Update!

How's it going you ask? Fairly well I would say! I did manage to get work outs in before work 2 days this week, which is quite a feat in and of itself. 

I did drop the ball on Thursday though, not gonna lie. But, hey! There's grace right? Glad every day is a fresh start!

So let's see how I did on my Juneathon goals:

One: Run outside 3 days a week. Doesn't matter the distance: just do it. 

Successful! This week I ran outside exactly 3 days:

Saturday: 5.14 miles, 46 minutes, 9:01 pace
Sunday: 4 miles, 35 minutes, 8:44 pace
Friday: 1 mile, 7:41 minutes, 7:41 pace 

Two: Get in 2 days of strength training a week. 

Kiind of slacked on this goal. I did my Lower Body Blast class on Tuesday, which is about 40 minutes cardio and 20 minutes strength. But definitely aiming to get 2 full on strength classes in this week. 

Three: Run one 10 mile run during the course of the month. 

Not quite there yet. Next week my goal will be to get a 7 or 8 miler in, and increase from there!

FourRun one under 8 minute mile. 

As you may have noticed above, this one I completed! Wooo hoo!!

Five: Run a 5K in 25 minutes.

Can't quite cross this one off either. 

So, definitely some room for improvement next week! I'm loving that this challenge is getting me back in the habit of not "am I going to work out today?" but "when am I going to work out today?"

But not gonna lie, this week also showed me that some days I'm just going to be too darn exhausted to get a work out in. 

And that's okay!

Happy Saturday, lovelies! I hope you enjoy your's!


Olivia said...

Great job!!! Blogging goals is definitely a good way to hold yourself accountable!

Corie said...

I hope one day I can do something similar! I've just started running/exercising for the first time since high school! I love the tips you have posted :)

The Cavallaro's said...

I wish I had your motivation! WAH!