Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breaking a Sweat

This post is sponsored by She.Is.Beautiful The Pinkest 10K & 5K

If you've been around for a while, you'll probably notice that this is my first sponsored post. And I could not be more happy to be writing for She.Is.Beautiful, an organization that represents so much of what I am passionate about. 

Not only do they put on races (which I love), but they promote so much more than just running. 

"Because we believe creating a stronger self physically manifests into a better self in all areas of your life. Here's to strong legs, smart girls, and celebrating yourself and just how awesome you are!"

Excerpt taken from their website.

A race to promote loving yourself? Heck yes, count me in!

So today, I write about how sweating makes me feel.

My freshman year of college, I was hoping to avoid the freshman 15. It was a pretty poor effort, considering I probably made it to the gym about 10 times max and went on maybe equally as many runs, but you know, it was an effort. 

I met my friend Kristi that year, and she had been big on running. So one day, I sucked up my fears of being a terrible runner, and asked if I could join her. We may have only gone a mile or two, and I might have asked if we could stop and walk a handful of times, but I did it. Successfully went on a run. 

When we were a short distance away from our dorm, I asked it we could stop. She gladly obliged, but you could tell that she wanted to finish out strong. I explained my reasoning for wanting to end our run early by saying that I wanted time to cool off before getting back to our dorm. I didn't want to be seen all sweaty, and red faced. 

Kind of like this:

Kristi and I laugh now when we think back to this run, because oh how times have changed. 

Last year was when my passion for fitness took its root, and I remember distinctly noticing myself change. I went from being ashamed of being "gross and sweaty," to feeling the most confident whenever I was in work out clothes. 

No make up, hair pulled back, your typical work out clothes on, and often drenched in sweat.
And I felt beautiful. 

I felt strong. I felt dedicated. I felt powerful. And no amount of make up or pretty clothes can top that. 

That's Kristi and I a few weeks ago, right after finishing our first half marathon. 

You bet your buns that we sprinted across that finish line. 

Which I'll be doing again at the She.Is.Beautiful 10K here in Santa Barbara in September! I'm so happy that there is an organization dedicated to helping women realize how beautiful they are when they break a sweat. 


Pamela said...

Awww! What a great organization!!

Kerrie Williams said...

you're so motivating Amy!

Heather Leigh said...

That's awesome girl! And so very motivating. Yay for sweating!!

Hilda said...

Right on, sister! :D

Tabitha Carnes said...

I wanna run this too! You probably told me about it and I probably should've signed up before the price went up June 1st...oops. But count me in, I think! :)

Kiki said...

I, too, used to do the whole "I don't want to be sweaty and gross" thing. Well, that didn't last long after running in the sun! :) Anyway, thanks for the reminder that beauty isn't all about appearances, it's about what you're feeling on the inside, too. Loved this post girl + thanks for the motivation to go for a run today!

Leah said...

you are so inspiring! it is awesome that you feel this way from a workout. keep it up girl!

kristyn said...

go you! i love that you say you feel beautiful and strong--that's awesome!! :) you should!

grace & love,

Hanna said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved this post!!! It's so true, as soon as you start running, you feel amazing! Your confidence goes through the roof and it shines from the inside out!!! I completely agree.mi feel so powerful and strong when I run I don't even care how I look because I feel so awesome:)