Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Designated Drivers!

So yes, I have kind of failed at this blog. It's been about two weeks since my last post, and I promise I'll try and get better (since so many people are reading this, I know). Last night, something happened that was definitely blog-worthy. Our softball team had our first win! And it was a pretty great win, if I do say so myself (15-6 baby). Softball has been a pretty big part of the majority of my life. I played for eight years growing up, and had my dad for my coach for most of that time. My dad gave me the opportunity to experience a lot of different positions. Clearly for the first few years, I had a sweet spot in right field. You know, where most of the balls get hit. As I got a little better, I got to play other positions too. I distinctly remember the first time I ever caught a pop fly. I was playing third base (bumped up to the in field, heck yes), and ran right to my dad after I realized I had caught the ball. I didn't even care that I was carrying the ball off the field and stopping the entire game. It's one of my most memorable (and kind of embarassing) softball memories. One position that I never got to play was first base. I always begged my dad to let me, but he always let the taller girls play that position. Well, I sure got the chance to prove him wrong. Our freshman year of college, Kristi and I got invited to play intramural softball. We were on a co-ed team with some amazing guy and gal players, and I finally got my chance to prove myself at first base. Out of all of the years I had played softball, this year definitely proved to be the most fun and led to some incredible friendships.
That year, we won the championship game and walked away with the title of coming in first for our league. It was an amazing season, and I did not expect to have another memorable softball experience. Well, I was lucky enough to be proved wrong.
 Although we only just had our first win, this season with the Designated Drivers has already given me such great memories in the short time we've been playing together. I have been so lucky to become a part of this great group of friends. I've been fortunate to have amazing friends from both high school and college, and I had no idea that I would continue making amazing friends after graduating. Well I'll say it for the second time in this blog, I was lucky enough to be proved wrong. Designated Drivers, thank you all so much for making Santa Barbara go from just the place I went to college, to becoming home. I love you all, and I can't wait to win some more games, have some more barbeques, play some more beer pong at Neighborhood, watch Justine and Boz get married (soo excited!) and most importantly, make some amazing memories.

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