Monday, June 8, 2015

Days Like These

I want to remember days like these. 

Perfectly warm summer Saturdays, spent thoroughly enjoying Santa Barbara sunshine in the company of good friends. In this particular occasion, celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite people. 

We wine-tasted (I water-tasted), filled up on appetizers, and sat around a table chatting and laughing and simply enjoying the day. 

PJ's attendance was missed, but his name was mentioned as people inquired how he's doing, how we're doing, and when on earth he will be gracing Santa Barbara with his presence permanently. 

People often wonder when I suspect he'll ask, well, a certain question. I always chuckle when I say "the boy doesn't have a secretive bone in his body," and mean it whole-heartedly. 

Or at least until now. 

I left the party early to work on some homework, and had only gotten a few questions in when I received a phone call. 

"Did you get a package from me today?" PJ asked. He's asked this twice before, and both times I rushed to the door expecting to see his handsome face with no such luck. So learning from my past experiences, I had zero expectation of seeing anything besides a package sitting at my doorstep. 

You can imagine my complete shock when I found my totally-unable-to-surprise-me boyfriend standing on my welcome mat. It took quite a few school girl giggles and "nooo wayyyy"s before I registered that he was truly standing before me, ready for a giant hug. 

The boy drove 4+ hours each way for a simple 4 hours together. 4 hours spent with little words and lots of cuddles, starting with an awestruck hello and ending with a terribly difficult goodbye. 

It's days like these that I want to remember. It's moments like tonight that I want to imprint into my memory, tucked away for preservation, so that stories can forever be told of two crazy kids in love doing what crazy kids in love do. 

I often think back to my days when singleness didn't feel like much of a blessing, to when waiting felt hard and painful, and when dreams felt like they may always remain just dreams. 

And those days? They were all worth it, every single one. Every tear shed wondering if I would ever find my love story was undeniably worth it.  

Because God's story? It's worth waiting on. Every single time. 

And when it happens? When His story unfolds before you, and dreams become reality?When your sweet man comes knocking on your door? Or that job lands in your lap? Or you get that apartment you've been dreaming of? Or that bill gets paid off that you weren't sure ever would? 

Remember it. Tuck it away. 

Because I can assure you, waiting is involved in every season, it just may appear different than it did before. 

And when you're thick in that waiting? It helps to know, 
He's done it before & He'll do it again. 

And His story is always worth waiting on. 

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