Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our First Valentine's Day

Peej and I celebrated Valentine's Day at our halfway spot in San Luis Obispo. 2 hours each way for me, 3 hours for him. And I know that we'll always remember that time that we drove multiple hours just to spend Valentine's Day together. 

This long distance thing can feel like an inconvenience at times, but I know that one day we'll look back and see a different picture. We'll look back and see two hopeless romantics that added a whole lotta miles to their cars in order to make a whole lotta memories of falling in and celebrating love. 

Memories like getting far less than the recommended amount of sleep to instead wake up early, and meet in a city parking lot. 

Memories like exchanging presents in your backseat, and walking over to Starbucks to get caffeinated, read Loveology, and play footsie. 

Oh, and take selfies.

Memories like watching me get giddy over spending time in Barnes & Nobel, because Santa Barbara doesn't have book stores. And like adding in a little spontaneous shopping, because I can't ignore a good sale, and you're fun to shop with. 

Memories like eating lunch here, where a girl named Bonnie with the thickest, most adorable southern accent took our order, and where we enjoyed yummy sandwiches {you shredded tritip & me portobello mushroom}, played more footsie and took more selfies. 

Memories like walking down the adorable strip of adorable San Luis Obispo stores, and wandering around what you deemed "couples creek." It was as if Valentine's Day threw up all over SLO, and we didn't mind one bit. I'd say we actually enjoyed it. 

Memories like getting delicious ice cream, and playing googly eyes with a hard-to-get 1 year old. Like going back to Barnes & Nobel, because we had 3 hours to kill before dinner. Like each picking up books written by Parks and Recreation stars {you by Ron Swanson and me by Leslie Knope. I'm aware those aren't their real names, but I like to pretend the characters are real}. Memories like situating our chairs so that I could lay my legs over yours, because when you're long distance, you make sure you take full advantage of every cuddling opportunity you get. Or maybe that's just us, but either way, I love it. 

Memories like going back to your car to take a nap in the back seat. Because that seemed like the closest we could get to a socially acceptable nap location, and a nap was necessary after our early morning. 

Memories like you holding up a towel so that I could use your back seat as a dressing room to change before dinner. Like having a couple walk past us and look our way with a "they're totally doing naughty things in that back seat" look. 

That awkward moment almost had me snap into an "i'm so over long distance, this is so frustrating, when are we ever gonna be in the same place" mood. But instead, I chose to relinquish all of those emotions to God, and focus on the fact that one day, we'll look back and laugh at the awkwardness of that moment. Along with the amount of time we spent hanging out in the back seat of your car on Valentine's Day. 

Memories like going back to the restaurant where we had our first half-way date 7 months prior. Like choosing to sit on the same side of the table as opposed to opposite sides, for maximum cuddling and under the table hand holding. 

Memories like enjoying the gorgeous view of "couples creek," and filling up on some seriously delicious grub {lamb chops for you, butternut squash curry for me}.  

Memories like driving in our separate cars to a movie theater a half hour away, because we weren't ready to end the date. Like having a heck of a time finding parking, because apparently Valentine's Day is a popular date night, or something. Memories like getting real creative with our cuddle positions with an immoveable arm rest between us. 

Memories like the long walk back to our cars that neither of us wanted to end. Like the extra long hug goodbye, and the "I'll call you in a half hour to see how your drive is going." Memories filled with the mutual feeling of wishing we were leaving in the same car, in the same direction. 

But we didn't leave in the same car, and we didn't go in the same direction. And that's okay, because where we are right now? It's beautiful. The naps in the back seat, the hours spent in Barnes & Nobel, the awkward run ins with people wondering why I'm changing in a car, well, I can't imagine a better Valentine's Day. 

I love you, Philip James. Thank you for being my best friend, my favorite cuddle buddy, my Valentine. Thank you for never rejecting the idea of another selfie, for never letting go of my hand, and for giving me your opinion on the 10 different tops I tried on at Express. 

Our first Valentine's Day was just the best. And not because of the food, or the beautiful scenery, or the comfortable seats in your car. 

It was because of you, babe. You're the best. 


Pamela said...

oh my gosh, mushy fest, & I absolutely LOVE it for you!! So happy for you!!

Shannon Q. said...

!!!! I was waiting to see how your trip was !!! It's somewhat strange to see "home" on someone's blog :) That's usually not the case. It looks like you two had an awesome day, and I am soo glad! My girlfriends and I truly enjoyed blush and our day in Santa Barbara also.

Alesha said...

Happy (late) Valentine's Day! I loved this post! How simply you captured all the memories and emotions. I was flooded with all-the-memories of long distance dating while reading this post. It is such a sweet/hard time. Praying for you both! And it is a joy to see you so happy!
Alesha <3