Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thoughts on a Saturday

I'm sitting here at 8:08AM on Saturday morning with this as my view:

And I figure, what better thing to do than blog out some thoughts. You know, the ones that I've been thinking "I need to blog about this!", and then never doing. I know it's not the strategic blog move to post on a Saturday, but let's all take a moment of silence to remember strategic blogger Amy. 


Okay, moment's over. And to be honest, she never was much "strategic" anyway. So, let's commence!

One, I got my first anthro mug. And I adore it, I 100% understand the obsession now. It's so pretty and sturdy and unique and I love her. I fill her with steamed almond milk, because I'm a child apparently. This past week, I thought to myself dang, this would be good warm. So I heated that shiz and boom, hooked. 

Two, let's talk worship. There have been some songs that have been on repeat for me, that definitely warrant a shout out. 

Worship is kind of my jam. I am in no way, shape, or form annointed to serve in that area, but worship changed me. It changed my life. And now, I can't go an extended period time without jamming out to some good, solid truth, or else my heart goes all out of whack. 

My life changed in a worship set. It didn't change after hearing a stellar sermon, or during an intense altar call. It changed during worship. And I have no idea what song was playing, but I know that God's presence was thick. Thick enough to reach down and wrap me up and make me feel safe enough to finally let go of my life. 

And you know what, that Bible verse {Matthew 16:25} is true. When I finally gave up my life, I finally found it. 

Three, I was gonna go on, but I kinda feel good about ending here. To be honest, this has been my first blog post in a while that has just flowed. I miss that, I miss coming to this place with a heart full of passion, and watching as my fingertips almost effortlessly tap a keyboard to present those thoughts. I like when there's no overanalyzing about tone and wording, just me pouring out into a blog post. 

That's how today felt. Maybe I should blog on Saturday mornings more often. 


Alessandra Ferguson said...

How about I just happened to have time to read on a Saturday? Your mug is darling. Worship does that for me too. It is hard to put in words what "that" is, but it's worship that makes me feel the renewing I long for when nothing else does.

Shannon Q. said...

Ohhh that mug is all kinds of amazing :) Did I ever tell you that I lived in Redding for a year so I got their amazing worship first hand. Pretty incredible! Jenn Johnson and Jeremy Riddle are probably my two favs, but Stephanie can bring it in such a powerful way too. Her track I see Heaven on youtube is one of my favorites.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Those songs are incredible!

One Girl: One World said...

Thanks for sharing these songs. I agree with you... worship can really change things and impact the heart. I went to a concert at church on Tuesday night and received some serious healing just through the ministry music. God speaks in many, many ways!