Friday, January 2, 2015

Speak Up Link Up - Wild and Freeee

Happy 2nd day of 2015, loves! I hope your year is off to a fabulous start. And if it's not, like some of mine have in the past, I hope you're feeling fully wrapped in His love and infinite grace, and encouraged by the idea that January 1st is just another day on the calendar.

I'm here to link up with Annie and Amber for the first Speak Up! vlog link up. I'm beyond excited for this, and was even more pumped when I found out the topic was wild + free. Hopefully, this vlog is the perfect way to kick off consistent 2015 blogging, yes? 

A couple disclaimers & fun facts about this vlog:

One - The sound quality is spectacular. If you're wondering how you can recreate it for yourself, just film your video on the edge of a cliff, on a windy day, directly beside a busy high way. 

Two - The comment I made about the scenic route being "just a tiny bit longer," bahaha. Try 3 hours longer. 

But totally worth it, right babe? 

Three - It's a good thing I filmed this when I did, because hours later I completely lost my voice. 100% gone. Something about the slightly sore throat or the 9 hours of singing along to the radio did me in. 

And with that, I present to you my wild + free vlog. 

Mr. Thomas and Me


Annie said...

Well, way to trump us all by posting from THE OCEAN. ;]

I love your definition of "wild." Fearless is a perfect word to augment it. My favorite words of yours were "someone who isn't limited by what they're afraid of."

I absolutely testify to the freedom God has wrought in your life. Of all the people I can think of who walk freely in Christ, you are near the top of that list! Your walk strengthens mine and I'm so, so grateful for how you serve and love like Jesus every day.

Amanda Wissmann said...

I agree with Annie! What a beautiful background! But even more so I adore the heart behind it- and I love that you included the topic into every part of your video .

I really really appreciated what you said about taking the scenic route- I think we get so busy in life that we get caught up taking short cuts and forget to take a look around. There is so much we could be missing! I love that you guys are sacrificing the extra time to stop and appreciate the view!

Emmy Hornburg said...

This is so wonderful and perfect! (Also, hi! Nice to meet you!) It's such a beautiful view and a great way to start talking about being wild and free. And just... YES. Fearless! I think that's a perfect word to sum up this theme. And congrats on 1 yr of sobriety! That's AMAZING!!!!!!

Amber Thomas said...

THE OCEAN. I mean, you knew I was stoked about it (ALSO CALIFORNIA BABY GIRL)

"Taking a step out of the way to experience the fullness that life has to offer." That is rich and goodness and I just wrote it in my planner to remind me to step out consistently, something I'm not particularly wonderful at.

The freedom of realizing where we're rooted is something I've truly and deeply been working on realizing, remembering, living into... Oh what a process. Oh what a process.

Taz + Belly said...

Because, beach. I am super jealous of you California girls. I visited for the first time in August and I can't wait to come back!

It's super nice to *meet* you. I can relate to so much of what you are saying. I think I said in my video that I am terrified of everything. I am so tired of letting the fear of the unknown keep me from all the good that God has to offer.

Sandy Wessel said...

I love the California Coast, but I just love the coast period. Glad you linked up and I look forward to watching your vlogs. I also want to live wild and free from fear!

Ashley Jackson said...

Did my comment post? Well if not I said how I liked how joy gushes from you about how God has freed you so much. Im glad he patiently works on us one little area at a time so nice to " meet" you!

Rachel Dawson said...

So fun to connect with you through this-- and seriously SO envious of your West Coast adventures. I grew up in AZ and have spent a good amount of time in CA but live in VA now where the oceans definitely aren't as that you posted from such a beautiful spot!

Also, LOVE fearless-- what a way to go into a New Year! No limits, no fear, no question that we are found in Him. Love that.