Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Work in Progress

Yesterday was a busy day. It was just that, busy. Work was busy. And after work was even busier. It was a day that turned this extrovert into an introvert, finding myself cancelling some plans and walking through a significant portion of the day in a daze. 

I needed Jesus. I just did, and I'm not afraid to admit that. The Lord was so faithful to meet me in my busyness. To meet me in the few quiet moments in my car, and to meet me in the middle of my work day, with the craziness of my office surrounding me. I love how He does that, He just never fails to show up when you need Him. 

It was in one of the moments in my car that He directed me to this verse:

Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him.
// Colossians 3:10 //

This verse spoke to me, man. It just screamed to me that there is no such thing as being "good enough" at walking in our faith. It's all about being a constant work in progress, surrendering your life up to the Lord right where you're at, and asking Him to bring you closer to where He wants you to be. 


Do you know what renew means? It means to resume (an activity) after an interruption (according to Google). That means that we are called to constantly resume the activity of putting on our new nature.  
No, it doesn't come naturally to us! Yes, we get interrupted. Every. Single. Day. 
But as we bring ourselves to Jesus, He faithfully renews us. Every. Single. Day. 

LEARN to know your Creator. 

We have to learn to know God. Learn, which means to gain or acquire knowledge by study, experience, or being taught (again, thank you Google). This means that it is not innate for us to know God. It is innate for us to know about Him. We see evidence of His creation everywhere we look. The majority of people on this earth would say that they know there is a God. 

But to truly know God, we have to learn to know God. We can do this by studying, such as studying His character to identify what is and is not God's voice. We can do this from experience, learning from our mistakes, and learning from our successes in identifying Him in our lives. And we can do this by being taught, perhaps on Sundays at a corporate church message, or in a more intimate setting with a mentor or a friend. 

If we open our hearts to learning to know Him, He will be faithful to reveal Himself

BECOME like Him. 

According to Google, become means to begin to be.  This verse doesn't tell us to be like God. It tells us to begin to be like God. It's a process! It always is, one that we won't ever reach the end of until the end of our days. But one that we are called to begin right now

This verse, Colossians 3:10, is so powerful. It sums up the Christian lifestyle so perfectly, and it is not just a coincidence that the phrases are listed in this order. Before we can become like God, we have to learn to know Him. How can we be imitators of someone that we don't truly know? And before we can learn to know Him, we have to surrender our hearts to be renewed

In the midst of my busy day, this verse spoke such truth into my heart. It reminded me that this Christian walk is very much a process. 

A process of constant renewal
A process of constant learning
And a process of constantly enduring in the beautiful opportunity 
to begin to be like God. 

Where ever you find yourself in that process today, keep fighting. Keep pushing on. Keep surrendering that beautiful heart of yours to the King of kings. Because watching as your heart begins to be like that of our Father's? Well, there's just nothing like that in this world. 


Pamela said...

You write the best posts! Love the Google definition reference. Haven't thought of it like that, but it's so true. I want to be a better person & Christian, but sometimes I feel like it is all so overwhelming. I have good intentions. Where do I begin? I need to get back into reading my Bible. No, WE (my husband & I!) need to back to reading it.

Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

there is no such thing as being "good enough" at walking in our faith.

That, is the darn truth :) It would be so amazing to see more people embrace this thought.

katie_shannon said...

I have so struggled with that good enough issue in all areas of my life. What has been helping lately is to think of the lives of Peter & Paul. I don't they just encourage me to keep going.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

"Begin to be..." I love that :)

Julie said...

SO much truth in this post Amy! The Christian lifestyle is always always always a work in progress, and I find that I'm constantly reminding myself of that. We aren't perfect, but we can strive to be more like Christ everyday. I will definitely be highlighting this verse and returning to it in the future!

carr_gill said...

Love this. Thank you for sharing! It is a process and we will constantly be messing up, but Christ is always there to renew.

Kiki said...

I LOVE the moments when we feel like we're in need of Him and He faithfully meets us and fulfills that need. Those are some of the best moments ever. :)

And what a great verse to be renewed with! I all too often forget to renew myself in Him each and every day (or multiple times per day), so thank you for this beautiful and real reminder of how important it is! Love your heart, girl!