Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Are YOU on Facebook?

Cause Sweet Home SB is!

If Facebook is your way of staying connected, you can now find this little ol' blog over in your neck of the woods! My hope is that this page would become more than just a place to find links to blog posts, but a place for us to connect, too!

I'd love to use this to ask you guys questions, get your feedback, find out more about YOU! And ideally, it'd be awesome if you guys can connect with each other, too. 

So if you are a FB pro, you know where to find me :)



Heather Leigh @ Adifferent kind of woman said...

Well hello Facebook friend. :)

Hilda said...

Awesome! i have 4 accounts LOL but only for gaming. i mostly use two now but still for gaming and now one for Influenster. Would you like me to follow you on Facebook? Problem is I don't know which of two accounts to use since I use both.

Daisy said...

Great news! I've added you :)
I've been slacking so much over the last few months but really trying to get blogging more regularly again. I've got soooo much to catch up on, think I might browse a few of your posts first!

Hilda said...

Amy, I decided to follow you on my FB account I use often called Spark Letts. Thanks for sharing! :D