Monday, October 1, 2012


This week, I want to talk about goals.
With a lot of changes going on lately, it's starting to really sink in that I'm a grown up. I'm old enough to be changing from one full-time w/ benefits job to another. Old enough to have a roommate moving in with her boyfriend. Old enough to have to seriously consider where I want my life to take me.
So where do I want my life to take me?
Well, I know I want to move closer to my family at some point. But beyond that, I don't really know.
I don't really know what my dream job is. I really don't.
But what I do know is that I want to start getting serious about making goals, and accomplishing them.
So this week, I want to post about 1 goal each day. Really give it some thought, and discuss how I'm going to make that goal happen.
And I'd love it if you shared some goals with me! I could always add to the list.
So here we go:
Goal # 1: Cross off at least 2 states by the time I turn 24.
I never really properly introduced it, but I have this thing called the 50 State Challenge. I want to visit all 50 states in my life, because from what I've seen so far, every state is so unique and different. Each state has so much to offer, whether it's culture, beauty, or just cool ass accents.
So how am I going to accomplish this? Well, I turn 24 next June, so that gives me about 9 months to plan trips to at least 2 new states.
Totally doable!
These are some of the ones on my list:
**A good friend from work is moving to Colorado. And while I'm sad to see her go, I'm so excited that I can visit her and cross off a state on my list!**
**I've heard amazing things about Portland, so definitely planning a trip to experience the amazing-ness first hand.**
**Seattle is on my to-visit list. Pretty much the same thing that I said about Portland applies here.**
**There's talks about coordinating my very first blate to meet this girl IRL. If all works out, I could not be more excited for that possible adventure :)**
And there we have it folks, goal #1. Get my butt out there and start crossing some states off my list!


Kate Sparkles said...

I'm also having that 'I'm a grown up' panic.. mostly that I'm somehow still a student at this late stage in life! I'm conflicted because I've already done most of the stuff I wanted to in life ( live abroad, travel, move out, learn to sew, teach dance etc) but then there's a lot of BIG stuff that's yet to happen ( graduate, buy a house, have a baby) ah!

I love that you want to complete the 50 state challenge, it's a secret pipe dream of mine to, although it seems a little impossible.. that being said I'm at 22 ( although does sitting in the airport for an hour looking at novelty key rings really count as a trip to Wisconsin?. I really love the South though, I hope to see more of it some day but I really hope you make it to Georgia so I can live vicariously through your photos!

Michelle said...

I want to do the same!

Julie said...

Girl, your dream is totally do-able! I love this idea of focusing on and pursing dreams! You're going to have so much fun road trippin' and seeing other states!

Helly said...

When you make it to Seattle, skip the tourist-trap Space Needle and go for the Columbia Tower. Better views, cheaper price, fewer crowds! :-)

Amy said...

Kate, you're at 22?? Wow! That really makes me realize that I need to get a move on, considering I live here and all! And yeah, I'm really excited to visit the South more. When I visited South Carolina, I looved all of the culture and historical buildings there. Can't wait to see some more of our country's history!

And Helly, thanks for the tip! I absolutely will remember that when I venture to Seattle :)

Jordan said...

That's a goal of mine as well! In January, I'm starting with New York and hopefully by the end of the year I'll get to cross New Mexico off the list as well. Portland, Oregon and just about anywhere in Colorado are supposed to be some beautiful places! I'm sure you'll ace this goal with no problem!

Elissa said...

please tell me you posted this yesterday afternoon/evening!? because if not I feel like a bad friend for not seeing it!

Anyways yay for goals! I love this. I am so excited for you starting this new job and adventure!

I def want to visit all of the states you mentioned, well other than mine since I'm here right now! And I can't wait to make that blate happen!

AND Kate- Seriously 22?! that is crazy, I would say you have visited more states than most Americans. I think I am at 14.

Charlotte said...

I have a 50-state challenge on my blog, too!

I just hit 23 states with my trip to Boston last weekend, but I feel like there's so much more to explore!

Traveling is so much fun - I can't wait to hear about your trips!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

You should add Tennessee to that list. ;) Seriously though, what a great idea! :)