Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Goals - Day 3!

Happy Humpday, loves!
I'm back for part 3 of Goals Week. To see goals 1 and 2, go here and here.
I've loved seeing all of your supportive comments on these goals, and am excited to announce goal #3.
But first, I have a confession to make... There's something I've been keeping from you.
When I went to Boston a few weeks ago, I made a big life decision.
You see, for almost 3 weeks now, I've been going without something.
Something that I used to have pretttyy often before.
Want a hint?
That's right guys, I've said bye-bye to meat!
I'm still eating fish and seafood, but no more chicken or red meat. Just call me a proud pescatarian!
When I hurt my foot, I decided I wanted to take these 6 weeks that it takes to heal, and use them to focus on my diet. And I figured what better time to try out being a vegetarian than now?
I'm not saying that I think meat is unhealthy. I think I eat plenty of things that are wayy worse for me than a little chicken or beef. But I've also heard great things about the vegetarian diet (& pescatarian too!), so I'm going for it!
So far, it's been great! I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, and I actually really like tofu and other protein-filled vegetarian foods. I tried going pesky once before, and failed miserably.
It's nice to see that if I actually put my mind to something, I can accomplish it. And that brings me to:
Goal #3: Stay pescatarian through the holidays.
Thanksgiving is going to be the first real test for me, but I'm determined to challenge myself to stick to the pesky diet. I think it'll be great for me to remember that I can choose what to put into my body, and I don't have to always just dig into what looks or sounds good at the time.
Bye-bye Turkey!! Maybe I'll see you at Thanksgiving 2013!


Jordan said...

That is a HUGE accomplishment! And you can still have fish tacos! Sweet deal. You can get through the holidays, it's all about willpower. You got this girl!

Helly said...

Haha-- "pesky"-- that cracks me up! Seriously, though-- good for you! Fish is healthier for you than the other meats, anyway :-) I'd love to hear about some of the non-meat protein dishes you're enjoying... future potential blog fodder, maybe? :-)

Amy said...

Helly, yes I will definitely post some of my non-meat dishes!! I need to get back to posting recipes anyway!

Kate Sparkles said...

This makes me so happy. I gave up meat 13 years ago (wow) and I have to say, vego food has come a long way since then. Check your local supermarket and see if they stock 'Quorn' which is a line of vegetarian alternatives from the UK- meet free nuggets, hot dogs, burger patties etc and so delicious if you didnt know they weren't meat you'd never believe it. And good luck for Turkey day!

Elissa said...

WOW! that is a big accomplishment! I can't say I would ever do it, lol but it is definitely an awesome thing to do! I had a professor whose whole family was vegetarian and their little boy told me "Our dog is a vegetarian too" but apparently the dog isn't really! but it was so cute he wanted to include the dog in it!

Olivia said...

I'm just now catching up on your blog! Go you! This is awesome and something I totally wish I could do.