Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet HOME Santa Barbara

We finally moved into our gorgeous new house this week! And when I say "we," I mean us and our amazing guy friends who helped with all of the heavy lifting (thanks guys!). The house is perfect for us. Here are some pictures of it fresh after we moved stuff in. As we start unpacking and making it more homey, I'll post updates. 

The front door
The hallway (with Carly!)
My room!
One of the bathrooms
Our living room (the couch and tv are already set up now!)
The kitchen
The DISHWASHER!! (And James!)
The backyard
Me and our amazing dog (Carly's dog) Scooby!!
Our amazing friends/moving crew celebrating the move with pizza and beer!
Another big thanks to everyone that helped us move. You guys are all such amazing friends, and we can't wait to have you over for so many more fun nights!

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