Sweet Home Santa Barbara

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Get to Know PJ & A (1/2)

Hey friends! The last couple weeks have flown by, and lots of life happenings have gone down with them. As I'm sure the majority of you know through social media, I am now officially Mrs. Cosentino! (Actually, not legally officially, thanks to the good ol' name changing process. But a pastor pronounced us man & wife, so that works, right?)

Seeing as PJ is now my huuuusband (boy that has a nice ring to it), I thought it was time for you guys to officially meet him! As in, through the internet. Because that's how all of us bloggers do things, right? 

So, I give you part 1 of the 2 part "Get to Know PJ & A" vlog series. It's divided into 2 parts because this was our very first vlog, and we are clearly both talkers. My far-too-serious face in this video can be accredited to my brain thinking "this video is going to be wayy too long", as displayed by my abrupt ending of this first part. 

But don't you worry, I'm much more cheery faced in the next video, when I decided to heck with the timing. Maybe we'll be the only ones who listen to 10 minutes of Q&A with PJ&A, but if you happen to join us, I do hope you enjoy!