Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kristen, Andrew & Baby Tucker

Last week, I have the privilege of photographing my friends Kristen & Andrew, and their in utero baby boy, Tucker. 

Kristen has been one of my closest friends since we met in college while working together at the always-classy-establishment of Kmart. Her friendship has been used in my life more profoundly than either of us could have ever guessed, as she was the one who brought me to church on the day my whole world changed

I watched and was encouraged as God wrote her a beautiful love story; we lived together when she got engaged (I got to play surprise photographer & witness the whole precious thing), and I was blessed to stand beside her last year as she pledged her whole heart & whole life to one of the best men I know. 

Kristen & Andrew, I love you both dearly. I have witnessed God do wonders in your relationship, and in your lives. I have been encouraged from the very beginning, and I cannot wait to walk alongside you as you guys become parents. 

Tucker is really, really lucky to have you guys as Mom and Dad. 

And to have me as #1 babysitter. ;)

Right as we were leaving, the sky gave us the perfect sunset for some silhouette shots. And man, did they come out magical. 

If anyone knows Kristen & Andrew, they know that they love to dance. Their happy place is in their boots, swing dancing along to some country tunes. And as we walked back to our car, with the sun setting on another beautiful Santa Barbara day, dance they did. 

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Tabitha Carnes said...

LOVE all these photos, especially the last few with the sunset!! :)