Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Things You Should Know

One // You should know about this video: 

Kid President is just plain awesome. This video is gauranteed to brighten your day. And if it doesn't, try this one.

Two // You should know about this app: 

Think of Instagram, but with prompts. You can create your own "Do" that other people can post a picture to, or add a picture to someone else's. Considering I looove Insta {we're on nickname basis}, you can bet I'm a fan of this. 

Three // You should know that I am going to Uganda. 

I know, I know, you already knew that, huh? But did you know that the fundraising cut off is in 20 days? Cause I didn't really until yesterday. 

If you've been feeling it on your heart to give, I would be so blessed by your generosity. To find out more about exactly where your contribution would be going, you can read all about our mission trip here, or on my fundraising page here. On that page, you'll find a link if you'd like to donate. 

Four // You should know that you are so, so loved. 

By Jesus, and by me. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, lovelies!


Angela said...

Happy turkey day girl! Love your heart... And kid president of course. :)

Sybil Brun said...

Yayy love it all! Happy Thanksgiving Amy girl!

Heather Leigh @ Like a warm cup of coffee said...

Okay I have so much to say about this post!! First and most important YAAAAAAAY FOR UGANDA!!! I have been praying for you and I knew God would provide!

#2 LOVE LOVE Kid president and I fully believe people need to share more corn dogs. :)

I'm now blogging at a new space now so when you get a chance go check it out and follow me!! Why? Because you love me ofcourse! lol :)