Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Night Out Bowling

Who doesn't love a fun bowling adventure with good friends? Even if not everyone is very good (aka ME), it's always a good time. A group of us went out last night to Zodos
for a night filled with bowling and beers. Having just graduated, most of my friends have moved away from Santa Barbara. Last year, I was fortunate to have a great living situation with three of my best friends.                                                                             
Not to mention living in Isla Vista had the perks of a beautiful beach right down the street, and a constant social scene. Luckily, I still get to live with one of my roommates from last year, so I didn't have to lose all of them. Kristi and I have talked about our concerns of losing a big portion of our friends group this year, so we are extremely lucky that we ended up moving in with Kelly. Not only do the three of us get along perfectly, but Kelly has been so great about including us in the fun things that her and her friends do. I definitely feel like I've made a whole new group of friends, and couldn't have asked for a better group to make some amazing memories with. So, back to bowling.
Apparently, Wednesdays are College Night at Zodos (had no idea during my 4 years of college), so all 8 of us got to bowl for $2 each! Yeah, we've all graduated, but I guess that doesn't matter? Not bad! With those prices, I'm thinking we could become regulars at Zodo's. I can't say that I won (or even did well for that matter), but I definitely did get one strike! And of course I had to document that moment:

Over all it was a great night! Who knows, with a few more weeks of this, I could actually get better (maybe not get 7+ gutter balls). I'll keep you posted. 

  Bye for now!

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